Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Leadership Philosophy

On December 31, 2010 I wrote a post about developing a leadership philosophy.

In that post I said that I was working on developing my leadership philosophy.  My leadership philosophy is very simple and I am willing to be held accountable to the people I lead in the words I wrote and I believe. Well true to my word here it is:

Tony Friday’s Leadership Philosophy

I have developed this philosophy to help guide me as a leader. I will work to consistently live out these principles.  I expect you to hold me accountable when I fall short. I am committed to helping you to grow, develop and realize your potential both personally and professionally.

Operating Principles

1.       Set the example—What I expect of you, I will expect from myself.  I will not ask you to do anything I would not do.  I expect you to set a positive example for others.
 2.      Coaching for Success—When you need me I will be there for you.  I will not give you the answers, but I will help you through the thinking process.  You have the solutions.
3.       Treat each other like you want to be treated—I will treat you with fairness and respect.  I expect that you do the same to those you work with and lead.
4.       Accountability—I expect you to do what you say.  You can count on me to do the same.  If you are in danger of not delivering on a promise you have made, please let me know as soon as you know.  We can then work together on finding a mutually beneficial solution.
5.       Listen— I do not have all of the answers; I will actively listen to your ideas and your point of view.  We will work together to make our company better.
6.       Communication—I will provide regular feedback that is direct and constructive relative to your needs and the needs of the company.  I want you to do the same for me.
7.       Operating with Candor—I will be candid, not critical in my communication with you.  If you feel my comments are critical, please let me know.
 8.      Shared Risk—We are in this together.  I will not engage in the blame game and I expect the same from you.
 9.       Excellence—I will create a team where we pursue excellence, (not perfection).  I expect you to do your very best every day.  I will not tolerate sloppy work.
10.     Positive Attitude—I will bring a positive attitude every day and I expect you to do the same. Challenges will come, but with the right attitude we can overcome them all. 
11.     Celebrate Wins—We will celebrate our wins, no matter how small.  Little victories are the stepping stones to great accomplishments.  Every day we will play like winners!

Here are a few things that I will not stand for (my hot buttons):
        Disrespecting your teammates
        Sloppy work

My commitment to you:

I will give you my very best every day.  I will continue to learn and grow as a leader. We will have fun!


Now it’s your turn.  I challenge you to write your leadership philosophy.  It does not have to relate solely to business, it can be your philosophy on how you lead in your home or in your community.  Whatever your philosophy is, be willing to be held accountable for who you say you are as a leader.

I hope you accept the challenge, it will differentiate you from the millions of leaders who are winging it and are not willing to be transparent to the people they lead.


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  2. I was seeking leadership philosophy examples for a class assignment and must say your example is superb. I think you did an awesome job and I thank you for the example. Blessings to you. Cynthia